What is Iriomote Island? It is the second largest island, out of the series of islands that make up Okinawa. 90% of the island is filled with nature and wildlife. One can experience the beautiful underwater world of top class coral reefs. Blue Season Staff are here to insure that everyone has an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Course Canoe&Trekking

Pinaisaara's Waterfall photo

Pinaisaara’s Waterfall

Okinawa’s tallest waterfall! Very popular location!
Half day Course includes canoeing, trekking, and swimming in the lake under the waterfall.
Full day Course includes hiking to the top of the waterfall, with a breathtaking view of the jungles below and the blue ocean in the distance. Imagine having lunch there surrounded completely with nature…

Half Day Course【AM】9:00 AM~1:00 PM
【PM】1:30 PM~4:30 PM
about 4 hours7000yen
Full Day Course9:00 AM~4:00 PM
(Lunch included)
about 7 hours11000yen
ExpensesGuide fee, Canoe equipment rentals, 500ml bottle of water, Chamois towel, Waterproof bag, and Insurance.

Ocean Course Snorkeling&Diving

Snorkeling photo


Visit Balas Island, an island made completely out of little coral pieces.
Surround yourself in beautiful coral reefs and many varieties of colorful fish while snorkeling.
Full Day Course includes a visit to Hatoma Island and some sightseeing.

Half Day Course9:00 AM~12:30 PMabout 3 hours7000yen
Full Day Course9:00 AM~3:30 PM
(Lunch included)
about 6 hours11000yen
ExpensesGuide fee, Transportation fee, Equipment rentals, Chamois towel, Beverages, and Insurance.

Scuba Diving Trial Lessons photo

Scuba Diving Trial Lessons

First time diving? See the beautiful coral reefs and many different types of fish. First get used to the water snorkeling, and then experience the underwater world up to 5 meters.

1 Trial DiveMorning or Afternoon (AM or PM)13500yen
2 Trial DiveFull Day or Half Day18000yen
ExpensesLesson fee, Equipment fee, Transportation fee, Beverages, Chamois towel, and Insurance.

Fun Dive photo

Fun Dive

We will take you to experience the beautiful crystal clear water, from big fish to small fish, and the many different coral reef spots in the ocean.

1 Dive9000yen
2 Dive14000yen
3 Dive20000yen
Equipment Rentals5000yen
ExpensesGuide fee, Transportation fee, Oxygen Tank, Weights, Chamois towel, Beverages, and Insurance.

If you are participating in the Mountain or Ocean Course…

  • Please wear comfortable clothing over your swimsuit.
  • Please be sure of your place of stay, time of pick up, and your course price.
  • Make sure to tell us your height, weight, and shoe size.
  • All course prices include tax. Payment only in cash please.

Blue Season Iriomote Reservations and FAQ at…
Email: info@blueseason-i.com  Tel: 0980 85 6590

西表の大自然を、西表を愛するプロガイドがご案内!! ダイビング・スノーケル、カヌー・トレッキングなど、西表の山と海で、あなたの「したい!」を叶えます。